Video Tip: Filling Homebrew Competition Bottles to the Top

Award-winning homebrewer Paul Odell explains why it can help your chance of winning if you fill a bottle all the way to the top.

You’ll never see a professionally filled beer bottle going right to the top of the neck, but when it comes to homebrewing ccompetitions award-winning homebrewer Paul Odell says by completely filling a bottle, it helps your chances for a medal.

About this course:
How to Win a Beer Competition
Paul Odell covers the inner-workings of beer competitions and offers tips to help you stand out and win with your next entry. The course includes 8 award-winning recipes and more than 70 minutes of video.

BJCP Certified Judge and award-winning homebrewer Paul Odell takes you through the ins-and-outs of beer competitions. In this video course, Paul covers:

  • How your beer is tasted, judged, and scored
  • The judging criteria and scoresheet
  • Brewing for competitions
  • Packaging for competitions
  • Gaming to win
  • Practical tips to give you an edge
  • and much more

This course includes 8 award-winning recipes (4 homebrew competition winners, 4 professional competition winners).

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