Beer By The Numbers: February 2014

Here’s a numerical roundup of some of the biggest headlines about craft beer in February.

17.4: Percent—the increase of craft beer sales over 2012. The IRI Power Hour conference hosted by the Brewers Association reported this number. Read a Brewbound recap of the event.

5: Dollars—the cost to purchase a Fat Tire at 30,000 feet. The infamous amber ale from New Belgium is now available on all Southwest Airlines and AirTran flights. Read our web post.

50: Percent of the global beer market that is represented by 5 companies—Anheuser-Busch InBev (20.6%), Miller (9.7%), Heineken (9.2%), Carlsberg (5.7%), and China Resources Enterprise (5.6%). These statistics from Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research were published in a Business Insider article.

64: Ounce growlers originated before Prohibition at New England pubs, says a article. Otto Brothers’ Brewing Company, now known as Grand Teton Brewing Company, is responsible for bringing them back in 1989.

21: Years since Stout Month had its beginning at Mountain Sun Brewing in Boulder. Read our Stout Month web post.

1,450: Dollars—the price tag of a bottle of Sam Adam’s Millennium in a DRAFT lineup of black market beer prices.

4: States (California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington) that account for one-third of the breweries in the country, the Beer Institute reported.

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